Offer In-Store Cashback to Shoppers with Rakuten Card Linked Offer Network

One gateway. Multiple publishers. No integrations.

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Increase Brand Loyalty and Drive More Orders Both Online and In-store.

The Rakuten Card Linked Offer Network (RCLON) gives advertisers a safe and easy way to offer in-store cashback to their shoppers. By simply opting in and registering their preferred credit or debit card, a shopper can start earning cash back on in-store purchases through one of the many trusted affiliate partners in RCLON.

The Rakuten Card Linked Offer Network is available to advertisers with brick-and-mortar stores in the United States and offers the flexibility to:

  • Drive incremental in-store sales and boost foot traffic
  • Get started without additional platform integrations
  • Utilize the same reporting, dashboards and invoices
  • Seamlessly process in-store cancellations
  • Easily join new publisher programs as they come online

As a Rakuten Affiliate Network advertiser, gaining access to RCLON is easy. Learn more about the onboarding process by filling out the form or contact your account manager.

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