Case Studies:

Australian Fashion Label

The Story

Since 2018, the Australian fashion label has partnered with Rakuten Advertising to drive sales through its affiliate, display and search programs. In the second half of 2020, the brand reached out to Rakuten Advertising as performance marketing experts to help improve its existing in-house social program.

Throughout September to December 2020, the program was live through key promotional periods, including Vogue Online Shopping Night (VOSN), Cyber Week, End of Season Sale and the label’s biannual event. By the end of the year, Rakuten Advertising was able to help the label exceed its ROAS goal through highly strategic planning and seamless execution.

The Goal

As the entire e-commerce industry prepared to head into the busiest quarter of the year, Rakuten Advertising was tasked with managing the Australian fashion label’s social program. Starting 1st September 2020, the team’s objective was to reach a ROAS of 19:1 by the end of the year.


Key Strategies

The team at Rakuten Advertising chose following social platforms for their ability to drive revenue, reach the brand’s target audience, specifically target competitor interests and more.

After analysing historical results from the label’s past social activity and other fashion brands, Rakuten Advertising recommended implementing an in-depth targeting strategy to drive new users to explore the brand’s site and purchase. The campaign focused on the following interests:

To deploy a full-funnel approach and lower CPA – retargeting campaigns were also utilised, targeting the Australian eyeballs only audiences:


Rakuten Advertising’s recommended strategy proved successful and the team was able to improve the performance of the label’s social program through this campaign. The brand saw exceptionally positive outcomes in the early stages of Q4, which prompted the team to extend the campaign for a further two months and again for an additional six months until June 2021.

29:1 Average Program ROAS

The label's social program consistently exceeded the 19:1 ROAS goal in Q4 2020.

33:1 Peak ROAS

The social program peaked in November 2020 and was responsible for 49% of total site revenue in this period.

46% Uplift in CTR

The label experienced an increase in CTR (46%) and ROAS (32%) compared to its April 2020 biannual sale event, which took place before migrating their social program to our platform.

68% Reduction in Spend

The program saw a reduction in spend during VOSN by 68% and a remarkable 215% increase in ROAS YoY.


These positive results are a testament to Rakuten Advertising team’s social expertise. The team worked closely with the retailer to transform its social program strategically and successfully improved performance during and beyond the golden quarter. Along with other performance channels, social now forms a key aspect of the brand’s performance marketing strategy and accounts for a significant portion of the brand’s total site revenue.