Case Studies:

Charles Tyrwhitt

About Charles Tyrwhitt

Founded in 1986, Charles Tyrwhitt is a British multi-channel men’s clothing retailer known for producing the finest shirts and menswear, with timeless style and no compromise on quality.

The Story

Charles Tyrwhitt recognised that in order to capture savvy online consumers who actively search for voucher codes and boost revenue performance, the brand must test new affiliate strategies that go beyond traditional ones. Rakuten Advertising partnered the brand with publishers who, as part of their affiliate strategies, successfully ran PPC campaigns alongside affiliate campaigns in exchange for exclusive voucher codes.

Charles Tyrwhitt was able to leverage keywords and terminologies that were not actively used in its own PPC campaigns to generate better search positions, directing consumers to publishers involved in this strategy. The team at Rakuten Advertising helped bring this unique approach to life alongside its innovative dynamic commissioning technology.


The Goal

Consumers are increasingly becoming savvier online and searching for voucher codes at checkout has become the norm in today’s shopping behaviour. Charles Tyrwhitt partnered with Rakuten Advertising to leverage this trend to increase revenue, new customers and average order value (AOV).

Key Strategies

Four publishers with proven experience in running PPC campaigns for brands were selected to participate in this strategy. Each publisher went live with its exclusive Charles Tyrwhitt voucher for a week, one after another. This created an ideal shopping experience for the savvy consumer, which resulted in increased performance.


During the 8-week campaign period, Charles Tyrwhitt achieved a YoY increase of 106% and 8% in revenue and AOV respectively.

Additionally, Charles Tyrwhitt saw an uplift in conversion rate by 46% and ROI by 93% YoY through all four publishers who ran PPC activity.

As a result of the dynamic commissioning strategy, 45% of transactions during the campaign period were from new customers.


A PPC campaign is a cost-effective way for advertisers to boost revenue and utilise keywords that are not being optimised.

Offering free delivery plus discounts with minimum spend campaigns can successfully drive AOV and conversion rate.

Providing exclusive vouchers strengthens the partnership between advertisers and publishers, resulting in both parties working together towards a mutual goal.

By giving publishers PPC rights during exclusive offer codes this allowed us to negotiate strong exposure packages and improve the ROI of campaigns by reducing tenancy costs. It also ensured customers, both new and existing were seeing the best offer available and whilst increasing AOV also increased conversion. Overall, very pleased with the results and will continue to use PPC rights in our affiliate strategy.
Laurence Woods
Online Marketing Manager, Charles Tyrwhitt