Case Studies:

High-end Womenswear Brand

The Story

After witnessing phenomenal results across various performance marketing channels through Rakuten Advertising, this high-end womenswear brand decided to introduce a display program into its marketing mix in October 2020.

The goal was to increase site traffic and maintain a positive ROAS. With the help of the Rakuten Advertising team, the brand successfully launched its first-ever display program with a multifaceted targeting strategy that complements its existing digital marketing activities.

The Goal

The primary objective of the display program was to boost site traffic and achieve 1:1 ROAS. The retailer also wanted to use this channel to increase brand awareness and complement its existing affiliate and search programs. The brand was interested in targeting chic, modern women, including trendsetters and trend followers.


Key Strategies

Rakuten Advertising helped the brand set up its display program from scratch. This included creating a tactical, detailed targeting strategy to boost site traffic and implementing frequency caps to reach specific and unique audiences as follow:

Regular reviews were scheduled, including daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly check-ins. The following optimisations were made to help the brand achieve its goals:


Shortly after Rakuten Advertising launched the brand’s display program, the team immediately saw an increase in ROAS and, eventually, growth in site traffic.


The brand exceeded the initial ROAS goal by 7-fold in the last quarter of 2020, peaking in November 2020 (10:1) and December 2020 (8:1).

Site traffic

The launch of the display program with a detailed targeting strategy resulted in an increase in site traffic by 88% YoY in Q4.

Brand Awareness

The program delivered nearly 40 million impressions in the golden quarter of the year.


Adding a display program has boosted the retailer’s overall business performance.

The top-performing audience segments include Google’s mix of Affinity Fashion audiences and In-Market Fashion consumers.

Demographics and contextual targeting produced the lowest cost-per-click (CPC), outperforming behavioural segments.