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Programmatic Display Services

For Performance Solutions

Display Advertising That Drives Performance

Get in front of the right people with an end-to-end solution. Utilise prospecting strategies to reach new audiences and engage shoppers along the purchase path with retargeting. Work closely with our experts to increase your customer footprint and drive repeat purchases.

A Smarter Way to Find New Customers

Drive more sales with consumers who are actively shopping and looking for products like yours through a scalable prospecting solution that ensures efficient, cost-effective customer acquisition.

  • Innovation: Best-in-class, data-fueled artificial intelligence discovers unexpected audiences.
  • Brand Safety: Reach real people, not bots.
  • Insights & Transparency: Detailed prospecting campaign reporting and consumer journey insights.
  • Comprehensive Strategy: Campaign execution and strategy deliver performance that fuels brand growth.

AI Uncovers New & Unexpected Audiences

 Using a combination of first- and third-party data, we work closely with your brand to identify and reach your best customers. We can build customised strategies for your goals to connect you to the right audience at the right time.

Incremental Revenue & Strong Loyalty

Our progressive retargeting solution leverages machine-learning, cross-device reach and impactful creative to ensure our clients make the most of their valuable visitors and cherished customer base.

  • Industry Experts: Our specialists manage, measure and optimise your campaigns in ways technology alone just can’t.
  • Extensive Network: Partnerships with the world’s leading networks and platforms makes it easy to reach your customers throughout their digital routine.
  • Dynamic Creative: Replace A/B testing with dynamic creative intelligence and optimisation technology.
  • Machine Learning: Data-driven decision making ensures precise targeting and delivery.
  • Campaign Reporting: Access rich data in real-time from our Insights & Analytics Portal.


Custom Retargeting Tactics + Advanced Audience Segmentation

Take your retargeting efforts to the next level with strategies tailored to your audiences and your site. Deliver relevant and personalised ad experiences that keep audiences engaged with your brand and interacting with your products.

Real-World Results from Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising & Vinomofo

48% Lift in Revenue

Australian online retail success story Vinomofo were excited to embrace new marketing technology.  After relying predominately on Facebook and Search as marketing channels, they wanted to expand their media mix to drive new site visitors and increase the volume of sales through retargeting.

  • 82% increase in ROAS for prospecting
  • 52% increase in conversion rate for prospecting campaign
  • Retargeting drove 51% increase in sales volume
  • Retargeting click-through rates increased by 25%

“The use of the display channel has been a phenomenal success of Vinomofo. The team at Rakuten Advertising have proven the power of dynamic creative and personalisation in retargeting campaigns, and further highlighted the necessity of creative marketing fueled by data in order to reach your audience and grow your brand.” – Kip McMillan, Head of Marketing, Vinomofo