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Performance Marketing

For Advertisers

Advertising People Love.
Performance Brands Crave.

Make genuine connections with your customers wherever they go, with affiliate marketing, display and paid search products built on decades of experience and innovation. Launch integrated campaigns that reach across channels, places and devices to deliver extraordinary results. In fact, Rakuten Advertising multichannel campaigns outperform single-channel campaigns by 900%.

Affiliate Marketing That Raises The Bar

As a pioneer in affiliate marketing, we’ve seen a lot. And we still believe affiliate marketing holds the power to connect consumers with brands and products in ways no other channel can. So we’ve gone all in, with an award-winning program that connects advertisers with valuable audiences, and helps publishers monetise their content.

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Programmatic Display That Works Harder

For more than a decade, we’ve worked directly with leading brands to define their display strategy, activate their plans and achieve their goals. We’ll help you reach your most important audiences, with advanced prospecting and retargeting products, and actionable analytics to optimise your campaigns.

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Paid Search That Reaches Further

Together, we work with advertisers to build comprehensive search strategies that cut across devices and platforms with relevant, compelling ads driven by data, advanced bidding algorithms and continuous optimisation. From YouTube to Shopping Ads, we’ll help you maximise your budget and your ROI.

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