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Paid Search

For Agencies & Partners

Reach Consumers Across The Funnel.

Whether they are discovering new products or ready to make a purchase, motivate consumers with relevant ads and a search strategy that connects across devices and platforms in the search ecosystem, from YouTube to Shopping Ads.

Your dedicated search account team will develop, execute and automate your strategy with a focus on analysis and testing. Our expert team is available to help you get the most from our Data, advanced bidding algorithms and attribution to elevate user insights. Working together and constantly optimising, we can meet or exceed your performance goals, focus on a growing search marketing funnel and drive incremental revenue growth.


Work with a team of industry experts to develop a search programme that reaches new audiences and leverages customised audience segmentation to re-engage those who’ve interacted with your brand across screens and platforms. Together, our team will integrate your company’s overall goals to build the optimal campaign mix around brand, generic and dynamic keyword strategies.

Shopping Ads

Engage consumers as they shop across platforms – Google Shopping, Bing, Pinterest and others – with Shopping Ads. Integrate upper-funnel shopping tactics with Showcase Shopping campaigns and heighten automation with Smart Shopping campaigns. Following our best practices, Product Feed Optimisation focuses on increasing product click share, while enabling strategic product segmentation for campaign optimisation.

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Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Discover new users and reach potential customers via Gmail. Our team delivers expertise in targeting the right audience and tailoring budget and strategy to this channel. Connect the user journey from initial exposure down to intent-driven searches, with full insight on audience engagement.


Connect different touchpoints to deliver a full-funnel approach, including YouTube management. Allow our team to align the appropriate strategy that sits with this consumer base and support you with creative edits and animation. From action-driven campaigns, to discovery tactics, to using user views for remarketing, Rakuten Advertising can find the right YouTube solution for you.

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Search Audit Reveals Chances for Increased Revenue

Let our team of search experts conduct an audit that includes analysis of your current search, shopping and upper-funnel strategies. The audit will identify lost market share and associated revenue, opportunities to improve efficiency, missed cross-channel optimisation opportunities between all campaign types, and poor account structure resulting in increased costs.

*20,000 GBP minimum search engine spend applies.

Real-World Results from Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising & Meli Melo

57% Increased Conversion Rate

Founded in 2005, Meli Melo is a British luxury handbag and accessories brand. Meticulously crafted in Italian leathers which are renowned for their distinctive shapes and impeccable construction. Due to an increasingly competitive market, Meli Melo’s growth had started to decline. With a need to be smarter with its marketing budget, Meli Melo looked to Rakuten Advertising to develop an integrated and agile marketing strategy across affiliate, display and search, with the aim to achieve 20% growth YoY in sales while maintaining a healthy return on ad spend (ROAS).

Thanks to this approach, Meli Melo’s performance and growth continue to soar, delivering results and significant changes for the business:

  • Top-line revenue for Q4 increased by +34% YoY
  • Revenue from channels managed by Rakuten Advertising grew to 69%, +176% YoY
  • A ROAS of £8 for every marketing pound spent with Rakuten Advertising during Q4 2018

“We partnered with Rakuten Advertising at a crucial time for our brand when our ecommerce revenues were falling. We have always been a very ROI focused business and this integrated marketing strategy has exceeded my expectations, delivering a unified approach to performance marketing which was the absolute goal I had in mind.” – Doug Ker, CEO of Meli Melo