The Unexpected Gift Shopper Report 2019

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  • Who shoppers are buying for
  • Why people buy overseas
  • The countries and regions most likely to purchase cross-border
  • How best to advertise to holiday season shoppers
  • Country and region-specific data on average gift budgets per shopper

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Meet the Unexpected Gift Shopper

The holiday season is perhaps the most important in the marketer’s diary. During the gift buying season their shopper profiles can change and expand significantly as 70% of international consumers seek out and buy gifts for friends and family members.

So, whilst brands often know who their core customer is, many may not be aware how globalised holiday shopping has become. Approximately two thirds of consumers are considering making a purchase from an overseas retailer.

The opportunity is huge. The irony is that for many marketers, it’s still the one time of the year they simply don’t know who their unexpected shoppers might be.