From Talk to Action: Improving Customer Journeys Through Attribution

Uncover how attribution can improve marketers’ understanding of their customers

There’s no doubt about it – the demand for attribution is gathering steam. But while marketers seem excited by the prospects of attribution, many are still failing to act. Why is this? How can marketers overcome the common stumbling blocks and access data in a way that allows us to truly understand and influence customer behaviour?

These are the questions explored in the latest report from Rakuten Advertising and The Drum – From Talk to Action: Improving Customer Journeys Through Attribution. More about the report:

  • Features contributions from Bally, Boxfresh, CarTrawler and the IAB UK
  • Explores how brands can transition away from the outdated last-click model towards gaining an improved understanding of your customers through attribution
  • Provides advice on convincing other departments to invest in attributed reporting, setting appropriate goals and overcoming data hurdles

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Learn how to improve customer journeys through attribution