Cariloha Sees Revenue Gains of 50 Percent on Returning Site Visitors with Rakuten Marketing

SAN MATEO, Calif., May 10, 2017 / PRNewswire/ — Rakuten Marketing today announced desktop and Facebook retargeting success with retail client, Cariloha, including a 42 percent increase in returning visitor traffic and a 50 percent increase in revenue from returning site visitors. Across the seven months since Cariloha started running retargeting with Rakuten Marketing, Rakuten has influenced 54 percent of sales with exceptional budget efficiency.

Cariloha was founded in 2007 as a cruise-ship marketplace, selling affordable island-leisure products to tourists looking for a vacation memento from destinations including St. Thomas, Cozumel and Jamaica. After struggling to keep sales momentum against familiar retail brands selling the same product, the company decided to shift its retail strategy to a more niche market – products that were made of bamboo fabric. The company saw immediate success, and has continued expanding ever since.

Today, Cariloha realizes 20 percent of its revenue through online sales, and Rakuten Marketing has become a key partner for driving online success. While the brand knew that its retargeting campaigns were driving sales, it didn’t become clear how much of its online revenue was being driven through Rakuten Marketing until it starting looking at attribution.

“Retargeting is a foundational online marketing strategy, but it wasn’t until we started working with Rakuten Marketing that we understood how much incremental revenue it could drive,” said Cariloha Founder and CEO, Jeff Pedersen. “The ability to quantify the specific value of our retargeting campaigns made Rakuten Marketing the obvious choice as a retargeting partner, and has been reinforced by the consistently above-target return on ad spend we’ve seen with them.”

“Looking beyond standard marketing metrics to understand the incremental performance of digital marketing has been a longstanding commitment of Rakuten Marketing, and inspired our investment in the cross-channel attribution tool we provide to all our clients, Cadence,” said Rakuten Marketing CEO, Tony Zito. “Today, as consumers become more savvy about demanding better ad experiences, it’s more important than ever that advertisers understand what is influencing meaningful actions throughout the consumer purchase journey. We’re glad to see clients like Cariloha finding success through a more holistic view of their marketing.”

In addition to being among the early adopters of retailers practicing fractional attribution, Cariloha actively works with Rakuten Marketing to do A/B testing and evaluates consumer journeys so they can optimize future strategies with an understanding of which ads and which products are most effective with which audiences.

Cariloha will next be partnering with Rakuten brand, which personalizes shopping experiences with custom fit profiles for each consumer. By joining its existing insights into consumer behavior with an understanding of which products and sizes best suit its customers, Cariloha will be able to enhance ad customization based on the products that perform best, those that are available in the consumers’ size and style preference, and those that are least likely to be returned because of fit.