Rakuten Marketing Enhances Affiliate Technology Suite; Adds  Multiple Product Feeds to Streamline Content Creation and Increase Product Conversion

SAN MATEO, Calif., June 21, 2017 / PRNewswire/Rakuten Marketing, a leading technology company that enables brands to increase sales through data-driven marketing, announced today it has enhanced its affiliate technology suite with the addition of multiple product feeds – a new feature of its merchandiser feed platform. Multiple product feeds give publishers and advertisers the flexibility to customize product groups for target audiences, while easily applying correct product information, pricing, currency and languages. This new feature will empower marketers to more effectively scale their global affiliate strategies and streamline personalized content creation to increase product conversion.

The multiple product feeds feature delivers a new level of audience segmentation to affiliate marketing that enables strategic content customization based on what marketers know about their audiences. The added flexibility it provides lets advertisers easily manage and distribute the segmented data feeds through the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network. For example, an advertiser can organize product feeds based on language and currency to more efficiently scale the launch process for global campaigns. By leveraging multiple product feeds in strategic collaboration with publisher partners, advertisers can also increase sales of specific product categories by identifying and targeting those audiences that will be most likely to buy. Publishers also benefit from using their advertiser partners’ multiple product feeds to improve content personalization.

“In the highly dynamic, competitive and always evolving digital commerce world, Rakuten Marketing is focused on arming every advertiser and publisher with new product features and functionality that empower them to influence consumers through meaningful ad experiences,” stated Tony Zito, CEO of Rakuten Marketing.  “With this latest enhancement to the Rakuten Marketing merchandiser feed platform, clients have increased control, management and performance as they scale their global businesses, and will benefit from further insight into which product categories are resonating with their target audiences.”

This latest enhancement allows users to continue to upload files utilizing the same process as existing merchandiser feed files, while expanding an advertiser’s ability to:

  • Upload feeds in different languages and currencies, helping both advertisers and publishers increase their global presence.
  • Separate “promotional” and “marketplace” products from main feeds.
  • Create feeds for a subset of products associated with a promotion, season, sale or holiday-themed offer.
  • Create customized groupings, such as those containing high margin products or inventory intended for liquidation.

“Personalization and the ability to take action on performance insights needs to be at the center of innovation in affiliate marketing, if we are going to realize its full potential,” according to Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network GM, SVP, Adam Weiss. “All of the services and features that we create for our affiliate clients, including multiple product feeds, are driven by our vision to reinvent the way advertisers and publishers collaborate to inspire consumers as they explore, discover and make purchases online.”

For more information about Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network’s new multiple product feeds feature, visit our blog.

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