Rakuten Marketing Japan Division Announces Offering to Strengthen its PPC Advertising Service

Rakuten Marketing partners with Finch to offer performance-based listing service in Japanese marketplace; Partnership Opens Up Yahoo! Sponsored Search for Advertisers in Japan

SAN MATEO, Calif., Dec. 21, 2017 / PRNewswire/ – A division of Rakuten Marketing, LLC, LinkShare Japan K.K., today announced it will partner with Finch to provide Yahoo! Sponsored Search utilizing its performance-based listing service. Through this offering, Rakuten Marketing, LLC group enables clients to reach both Google and Yahoo! Users so that clients can do internet marketing more effectively.

Finch’s performance-based service optimizes Google AdWords and Yahoo! Sponsored Search advertising campaigns for clients. These clients can avoid the risk of advertising cost fluctuation, while also realizing campaign performance improvement. Finch’s technology maximizes PPC advertising performance by automatically creating and adding new keywords, adjusting bid price, and maximizing impression opportunities with consulting support by a certified Finch PPC expert.

Bjorn Espenes, Co-Founder & CEO of Finch, LLC said, “We are very excited to launch the Finch advertising performance platform on Yahoo! Japan. We started our partnership with Rakuten Marketing in Japan just over a year ago and have had strong success with early adopters in their client base. In 2016-17, Finch won Google’s Best Shopping Performance for EMEA, and Google’s Search Innovation Award for North America. Our Yahoo! Japan solution is almost identical to what earned us these awards and I look forward to serving the Japanese market with a solution that enables scalable and profitable growth.“

Ryugen Shimizu, Managing Director, Rakuten Marketing Japan Division, stated, “through the partnership we established with Finch over the last year, we have substantially increased our client’s paid search performance, and we are excited to grow our partnership to better serve the Japanese PPC Market. With today’s announcement that our Finch partnership has expanded to include Yahoo! Sponsored Search, in addition to Google AdWords, we anticipate even greater performance achievement for our clients.”

Together, LinkShare Japan K.K. and Finch are dedicated to continuing to deliver best-in-class performance-based listing service through both Google AdWords and Yahoo! Sponsored Search, and to driving profitable PPC results for advertisers in Japan.

About Finch

Finch is an online advertising service that helps businesses gain more revenue, profit, or leads with their technology. Finch pioneered a new PPC advertising system for eCommerce companies that helps customers earn an average of 111% more revenue and achieve an average cost-savings of 34% when compared to previous advertising efforts.

Finch is a Google AdWords certified Premier Partner with over 300 clients in 12 countries. As a cloud-based service, Finch is easy to use and work with. To learn how Finch can help your business, please visit www.finch.com/audit to receive a free analysis of how they we can help you grow market share while increasing profits.

About Rakuten Marketing LLC,

Rakuten Marketing is the global leader in integrated marketing solutions, spanning affiliate, display and search. Rakuten Marketing empowers marketers to achieve the full potential of digital marketing by delivering data-driven personalized ad experiences that engage consumers – across screens, platforms and traditional publishers – and influence them to purchase. Rakuten Marketing is committed to transparency, providing consumer journey insights that are used to continually optimize for performance.

Rakuten Marketing is one of the world’s leading Internet service companies. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with offices in Australia, Brazil, Japan, the United Kingdom, and throughout the United States. Follow us on Twitter or learn more at https://rakutenadvertising.com.

About Rakuten Marketing Japan Division

We are providing high ROI(Return on investment) online marketing service as a B2B marketing company of Rakuten Group  to empower clients such a major EC sites and Financial sites with solutions that go beyond the expected, from superior service and technology to consumer.