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For Agencies & Partners

Strategy, Technology, and Data.

Insightful strategy powered by dynamic technology and Data—that’s how we drive performance for your campaigns and deliver compelling experiences that further connect you with your audiences.

Tap into a global ecosystem and access a vast network of publishers. Draw from our industry-leading expertise and strategy–which tells us–success in affiliate marketing requires a team that nurtures partnerships between advertisers and publishers.

Connections Are Easy. Relationships Take Work.

We provide access to over 150,000 active publishers worldwide, with a dedicated team of network development specialists who actively recruit affiliates for you. All publishers must meet pre-approved requirements before being allowed in our network and are regularly monitored for compliance. Then our network specialists work with them—training and coaching—to help them better meet your needs.

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Marketing That Influences the Consumer & Drives Conversion

Deliver experiences that your consumers love. According to findings from our 2017 Consumer Sentiments Survey of 2500 global consumers:

  • 80% of global consumers seek out coupon codes before making a purchase.
  • 57% of U.S. consumers actively follow an online blogger or social influencer.
  • 71% of them frequently buy items a blogger or influencer recommends.

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Real-World Results from Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising & Simple Contacts


Direct to consumer brand, Simple Contacts, makes it easy for consumers to purchase contact lenses online and renew their prescription via an online vision test. Simple Contacts used Real-World Results from Rakuten Advertising’s zero-risk business model, Accelerate, to increase the brand’s name recognition, traffic to the site and annual revenue.

Real-World Results from Rakuten Advertising experts handled recruitment, negotiations, launches and managed publisher commission rates based on performance. Through data backed decision making, the team used insights to make optimizations that worked towards revenue goals, beating forecasts since launch:

  • Exceeded performance goals by an average of 243% each month
  • Saw 36% more click active publishers and 137% more order active publishers within six months, as compared to similar programs.