The Affiliate Funnel: From Prospects to Purchase

Affiliate marketing has evolved well beyond the last click. Now it is instrumental through the entire customer journey, from awareness to advocacy and every step in between.

Reaching Customers in the Right Place at the Right Time Has Never Been More Important.

To help you maximise your affiliate partnerships with brands throughout the path to purchase, Rakuten Advertising has created an interactive timeline showcasing where you fit in each stage of the customer journey. Whether you’re a traditional or emerging publisher, discover how you can help brands find, convert and retain customers. Plus, find out what products Rakuten Advertising has to offer to ensure you are rewarded at every step along the way.

Discover how you can help brands reach more customers today.

What You’ll Uncover:

New Partnership Opportunities

Discover where you play a role in helping brands reach their customers at each stage of their journey.

The Right Tech for the Right Tactics

Find out how Rakuten Advertising’s data-driven technology ensures you are rewarded at every stage of the customer journey.

Full-funnel Affiliate Strategies

Learn how you can add value to a brand’s performance marketing strategy from awareness to advocacy.