MyAmexShopping, ShinhanCard & Harvey Nichols

MyAmexShopping helped Harvey Nichols boost sales in South Korea by 400x in one month through Shinhancard.




Basket Size


Site Traffic


New Customers

About MyAmexShopping

MyAmexShopping is the one of the preferred rewards portals for global luxury retailers. The site partners with local banks in many markets around the world, enabling its American Express cardholders to sync their cards and access exclusive offers.

About ShinhanCard

ShinhanCard is the largest card issuer in South Korea with over 13 million active cardholders, 4 million of which hold American Express cards.

About Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols is an internationally renowned UK-based luxury brand. The retailer provides consumers with high-end fashion collections and beauty products for men and women.

Partnership Overview

Brands often struggle to expand into markets where Google is not the primary search engine. Marketing channels that have previously proven successful in the brand’s local market may be ineffective, both culturally and linguistically, in another.

MyAmexShopping aims to provide a portal for retailers to reach such markets through local banks. Harvey Nichols partnered with MyAmexShopping to increase its customer base in South Korea, a region where Google only has less than a third market penetration. In this instance, the local bank chosen was Shinhan Bank, Korea’s largest bank, through its ShinhanCard program.

The Goal

The aim of the partnership was to increase customer exposure on a performance basis for Harvey Nichols – namely sales and basket size. This was to be achieved through promotional activity via MyAmexShopping and ShinhanCard including the full spectrum of local marketing channels.

Additionally, this partnership will focus on building a positive brand reputation and recognition for Harvey Nichols in Korea as it has successfully done in its home countries.

Key Strategies

In February 2021, MyAmexShopping and ShinhanCard officially took their partnership with Harvey Nichols to the next level by promoting the brand as the “Merchant of the Month”. As part of this promotion, the partnership launched:

A higher commission rate for the duration of the “Merchant of the Month” promotion

A dedicated landing page on

A solus eDM to all MyAmexShopping user base

A homepage takeover on

Advertising banners across

A search strategy with Naver, the largest search engine in Korea

Multiple collaborations with top Korean influencers to create “community posts” in Naver forums


During the “Merchant of the Month” promotion, Harvey Nichols experienced incredible growth through the partnership with MyAmexShopping and ShinhanCard. The promotion boosted sales by 400 fold and tripled basket size. As a result of influencer activity which included:

18 postings and over 30,000 views on Naver forums

Harvey Nichols’ site traffic increased by 178%

The brand gained 200% new customers month-over-month

Key Learnings

MyAmexShopping’s “Merchant of the Month” promotion allowed Harvey Nichols to access local Korean marketing channels, publications and influencers for a full calendar month. The “Merchant of the Month” promotion generated nationwide excitement brought about by this program. This provided an opportunity for customers to access offers beyond the promotion.

Get Involved

Advertisers on the Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Network can participate in the “Merchant of the Month” promotion with MyAmexShopping and ShinhanCard through PerformID, subject to approval and availability. Places for this promotion are limited. It is recommended to book a few months in advance.

If you would like to get involved, please reach out to your Rakuten Advertising representative or contact us today to discuss your next partnership with MyAmexShopping.

PerformID ( has introduced a revolutionary way of working, bringing data and attribution together is a game changer for the card-linking industry. The ability to reward customers and track the performance is a must for retailers so I can see this proposition gaining much attraction and growing immensely. Our experience with PerformID and has been fantastic from beginning to end and we are thrilled to continue working together.
Carolina Paradas
Global Senior Affiliates & Card-Linked Offers Manager, Harvey Nichols