Case Study: Parole Paris

Parole Paris generated $11M in sales for a global luxury brand




Sales Target


Consumers Reached




Parole Paris is an influencer network that provides performance and content marketing solutions to luxury and fashion brands. The network has more than 200,000 influencers across the world with the speciality of having a niche set of audiences: Chinese communities outside of China. Parole Paris partners with nearly 40,000 influencers on Instagram, YouTube, WeChat, Little Red Book, Douyin (TikTok) and more in the US, connecting brands to over 10 million customers interested in high-end fashion. 

The Challenge

A trending US designer handbag brand has been attempting to increase awareness and drive sales among Chinese communities in the US market. Rakuten Advertising partnered the brand with Parole Paris with a goal of generating US$200,000 in sales per month from April until December. By creating a unique bilingual content seeding campaign through various influencers, the teams set out to start a global fashion trend within the US Chinese community. 

The Solution & Results

The campaign succeeded through the following strategies: 

Creating Connections Through Content

Experts from Rakuten and Parole Paris provided influencers with key messages in English and Chinese but gave them the creative freedom to create content in their style to authentically connect with their audiences. The key messages were then optimised throughout the campaign to maximise results.

Trendsetting on WeChat

The campaign was executed through many social platforms, but it was WeChat that sealed the deal. By combining a bilingual content seeding strategy with exclusive, limited-time offers, Parole Paris’ influencers successfully helped the brand generate $11 million in sales over a nine-month period, exceeding the target by 6-fold.

Commissions & Collaborations

For a select group of influencers with the ideal target audience, Parole Paris raised commission rates for sales made during Singles’ Day and Black Friday. This tactic encouraged influencers to create more content for the brand, which quickly went viral and contributed to the brand’s sales growth.

Great Things Take a Little Longer

Good things take time, and great things take a little longer. The content seeding strategy was implemented over three different quarters. It launched during a non-promotional period of Q2 to give influencers time to create and release content. By Q3, the brand saw a 222% increase in sales QoQ, followed by an additional 210% during the peak shopping season of Q4.

Thanks to the professional guidance and dedication from the Rakuten team, we were able to partner with and deliver amazing results for a world-renowned luxury brand. The team's in-depth knowledge in affiliate marketing and their ability to create and execute innovative strategies were crucial in accelerating our journey towards becoming a successful publisher on the network. We are extremely grateful for Rakuten's support every step of the way, and our team truly values the collaborative partnership we have built with them.
Shirley Viguie
Strategic & Partnerships at Parole Paris

Why Rakuten Advertising?

Global footprint, local expertise 

Rakuten Advertising is committed to fostering strong partnerships by carefully selecting the best publishers for brands. As a leading global affiliate network, we have the expertise to help local brands expand their reach to an international audience, leveraging our extensive knowledge gained from years of experience across diverse markets. Our proven track record of delivering exceptional results ensures our clients consistently outperform their competitors. 

Outthinking with innovation 

At Rakuten Advertising, advanced strategies like bilingual content seeding empower our experts and partners to develop award-winning solutions and showcase real results. By fostering collaboration between publishers and advertisers, these innovative strategies strengthen our affiliate network and deliver exceptional results for our clients. We remain committed to staying ahead of the curve and providing unparalleled service. 

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