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ShopBack Philippines

Travelling in Style with ShopBack Philippines

The Results

Rakuten Advertising and ShopBack created a dynamic strategy to drive growth and exceed expectations for a global activewear giant. Using new and innovative tactics, the teams outperformed expectations with the following results:


YoY increase in revenue over a 6-day activation in October 2022, 100% above the set target


Sales increase during the non-peak period of Q1 2023, outperforming the agreed KPI by 74%


of all new customers between the 3rd to 5th of May 2023 were referred by ShopBack Challenges

About the Brand

Founded in 2014, the ShopBack Group is Asia-Pacific’s leading shopping, rewards, and payment platform, serving over 40 million shoppers across ten markets. In 2015, ShopBack expanded to the Philippines to power delightful shopping experiences and cost-effective affiliate marketing services for Filipino members, merchants, and brands.

The Story

Rakuten Advertising partnered a global activewear brand with ShopBack Philippines to launch a ‘Travelling in Style’ campaign. After the Rakuten team dug into the data, they discovered that ShopBack users are more likely to purchase fashion products after they’ve made travel plans. The team employed various strategies that ShopBack has to offer, including newsletter promotion, influencers and promoting deals alongside travel campaigns.

But wait, there’s more. The team leveraged ShopBack Challenges, enticing new shoppers to convert through gamification. The teams ensured smooth execution by promoting the brand outside key retail dates and promoting products during payday. The partnership went beyond simply offering cashback. It used all marketing channels, including paid social, search ads and TikTok influencers.

The Rakuten Advertising Solution

The Rakuten and ShopBack teams used out-of-the-box thinking to deliver a campaign that exceeded all expectations. Here’s how:

Travelling in Style

Rakuten’s Advanced Analytics team dug deep into the data and discovered that ShopBack users are more likely to purchase fashion products after they’ve made travel plans. This prompted the teams to launch a “Travelling in Style” campaign for the activewear brand, targeting audiences who recently purchased from the travel category. The strategy reached the right shoppers, leading to more sales for the brand.

Gamifying the shopping experience

ShopBack challenges are gamified promotional campaigns that engage users and provide new incentives for using the platform. The campaign incentivised first-time buyers with an extra ₱500 in cashback.

More than cashback

Ahead of the 2022 peak shopping season, Rakuten helped the brand promote its key events on ShopBack over 6 days. “Brand of the Day” homepage banners, push notifications, and out-of-platform channels like search ads, paid social, newsletters and TikTok influencers were used to promote the activewear brand further and push exclusive products unavailable through resellers.

Payday mayhem

To help cut through the noise of busy shopping periods and continue performance growth, Rakuten and ShopBack leveraged the Philippines’ fortnightly payday schedule throughout Q1. The teams launched campaigns during quieter periods, many of which coincided with travel campaigns.

With the global activewear brand, it’s more than just cashback. From targeting travellers to aligning the campaign with payday in the Philippines—nothing happened by chance—it was all about innovation and thinking outside the box. The Rakuten team made executing a truly complex campaign so effortless. We’ve seen incredible results across the board, from revenue to new customers.

Timothy Tuasson
Commercial Director, ShopBack Phillippines

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