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Soreto & Forever New

Soreto Boosts Forever New's Conversion Rate and AOV with Word-of-Mouthvia Rakuten Advertising

  • +49% Peak Conversion Rate Through Soreto (June 2021)
  • +11% Conversion Rate (Lightbox Campaign)
  • +69% AOV (Lightbox Campaign)
  • +18% Conversion Rate (CRM Campaign)
  • +41% AOV (CRM Campaign)

About Soreto

Soreto is a referral marketing and social sharing technology that leverages the power of a brand’s existing customers to acquire new ones. Soreto brings word-of-mouth into digital marketing and builds influence after purchase – a part of the funnel that is often forgotten. This trackable and scalable marketing tool can be used to effectively build customer loyalty and reach new audiences. 


About Forever New

Forever New is an Australian fashion brand known for its effortlessly wearable and timeless collections that celebrate modern femininity. Each collection is designed in Australia with a unique blend of seasonal trends, feminine silhouettes and of the moment detailing, giving customers the confidence to feel beautiful in every moment.

The Story

In affiliate marketing, unique publishers are bringing game-changing technology to brands every day. Rakuten Advertising partner Soreto offered a unique referral solution that helped Forever New revolutionise its customer acquisition strategy.

Thanks to Soreto, Forever New was able to reach a wider audience in a trackable and scalable way, all while building even stronger loyalty among their existing customers.

The Goal

Soreto helped Forever New launch two referral campaigns to achieve their objectives. A site-wide campaign was designed to increase conversion rate by 10%, share rate by 10%, and average order value (AOV) by 20%. The Curve campaign, targeted at Curve collection buyers, was crafted to boost conversion rate by 15%, AOV by 10%, and achieve benchmark share rate.

Key Strategies

A study conducted by Nielsen showed that customers were four times more likely to purchase a product when recommended by a friend. The innovative Soreto referral technology brought the power of word-of-mouth marketing to digital: 

Site-wide Lightbox Campaign

Soreto’s Lightbox solution is a pop-up that appears after a customer has completed a transaction. It invites customers to recommend the brand to their friends. When they agree to endorse the brand, both the customer and their friends receive a unique code offering a discount for their next purchase.

Curve CRM Campaign

Soreto’s CRM solution gives brands ways to share the referral campaign via other channels like email, through a bespoke landing page. This campaign ran at the same time as the Lightbox campaign.


Through Rakuten Advertising, Soreto helped Forever New achieve a peak conversion rate of 49% across both campaigns, 24% higher than the program average. 

Site-wide Lightbox Campaign

Soreto helped Forever New increase its share rate and conversion rate by 30% and 11% respectively, and boosted AOV by 69% site-wide.

Curve CRM Campaign

Forever New also achieved benchmark share rate, uplifted conversion rate and AOV by 18% and 41% respectively through its Curve campaign.


  • Innovative technology from publishers like Soreto elevate the strategic value of the affiliate channel. Forever New’s successful campaigns prove the value Rakuten Advertising and Soreto can bring to a brand’s affiliate program.
  • Sharing coupon codes with friends starts organic peer-to-peer conversations that stimulate interest in brands. Customers become advocates and encourage their friends to make purchases. This community-led component forms the crux of both Lightbox and CRM solutions, allowing Forever New to become part of its customers’ friendship circles.

Forever New started working with Soreto focusing on their smallest markets after being approached by an account manager from Rakuten Advertising. After seeing the potential, the brand was keen on testing the strategy for its main market, Australia. The Forever New team listened to our recommendation and with this flexibility, we were able to increase the conversion rate month-over-month, turning the referral campaign into a big asset for the brand. These results are a testament to the hard work and dedication between three parties – Forever New, Soreto and Rakuten Advertising – and all teams have been incredibly supportive at all times.

Nicole Clapauch Froes
International Partnerships Manager, Soreto

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