Affiliate: The Resilient Revenue Driver  

Grow Sales and Revenue With Affiliate—even in Uncertain Conditions 

Affiliate marketing has proven itself to be a reliable driver of revenue, even in a less-than-ideal economic environment. And while foundational affiliate strategies will continue to deliver, advertisers must trial and test news ways to find, engage, and convert customers if they want to build resilience and achieve their core commercial objectives.

This report highlights how advertisers can implement new affiliate models and expand on their current strategies to uncover new routes to revenue and convert customers who are more conscious of their spending than ever before.

Affiliate: The Resilient Revenue Driver

Affiliate marketing has proven itself to be a resilient source of revenue and the perfect foundation for commercial success, even amid change and uncertainty.

Download our latest report — ‘Affiliate: The Resilient Revenue Driver’—to learn new and innovative strategies to drive revenue growth with affiliate marketing, and get recommendations from members of the Rakuten Advertising International Collective.