Affiliate Marketing Amplified

Strengthen your acquisition and conversion strategies with advanced technology and proprietary data through Rakuten Rewards and Rakuten Advertising


Get ready for an exciting new affiliate marketing product that combines the pioneering, real-time technology of Rakuten Advertising with the consumer reach and influence of Rakuten Rewards and your own CRM data to create a custom advertising experience that gives you more choices in how you engage and incentivize your audiences. You’ll be able to implement dynamic commissioning structures and tailor offers based on shopper status or category, driving even greater effectiveness.

There are a few technical requirements needed, including:

  • SDK: Enable for in-app tracking with commissionable in-app transactions
  • Transaction Fields: Provide necessary fields to support dynamic commissioning
  • Enterprise Tracking: Ensure API + Performance Tag are active
  • CRM Data: Sharable CRM data with audience segment definitions

Access to this exclusive partnership is just weeks away, so your account team will be in touch soon to make sure you and your affiliate marketing program will be ready!