Rakuten Advertising helps advertisers tackle wasted advertising spend

‘Connecting in the Moment’ rethinks advertising strategy, adding audience and media context to demographic data

London, 17 March, 2021 – In a new campaign and associated guide, Rakuten Advertising is urging advertisers to think more strategically and look beyond audience data to maximise the impact of adverts and reduce wasted budget. According to data from WARC Global Advertising Trends: State of The Industry 2020/21, the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a 10.2% fall in global advertising in 2020. Even as budgets recover, this reduction will force advertisers to think even more critically about where and when adverts are placed.

Grabbing attention is becoming increasingly difficult, and a strategic approach which thinks differently about the target audience will be vital to success. Instead of viewing an audience in terms of demographics, advertisers should be reframing their waking hours as a series of ‘Moments’, allowing them to understand the mindset their audience will be in at any given time. This allows them to use their budgets more wisely and increase their confidence that a message will land.

“Following the most challenging year on record, advertisers are in a tough spot. The pressure is on for advertisers to ensure that their budgets deliver the optimal ROI, as they try to recover in a post-pandemic landscape. The good news is that we’re seeing the revival in certain sectors and now is the time for advertisers to evolve their thinking when it comes to reaching their audience, particularly as the continuing evolution of browser privacy means that effective online behavioural targeting is likely to become harder and harder.” commented Nick Fletcher, SVP Northern Europe, Rakuten Advertising.

“Taking a Moments-first approach to advertising will tackle the issue of wasted advertising budget head-on. We’re encouraging brands to rethink how to engage audiences, applying more contextual understanding of the audience to their advertising strategies. Connecting ads with the audience while they’re in the right frame of mind – in the right Moment – will ensure the advert lands with impact, increasing the likelihood of direct action being taken.”

A ‘Moment’ is defined as what people do throughout their days and evenings – be it watching TV with family; messaging friends; contributing to discussions on the latest Asian content; or browsing the internet for a gift for a loved one.

Rakuten Advertising has launched a new guide titled, “Connecting in the Moment: A Guide to key media ‘Moments’ and how advertisers can use them”, which explores the concept of connecting advertisers to consumer ‘Moments’ to improve advertising performance. Highlighting the importance of treating consumers as more than data points, the guide showcases how brands can connect with audiences on a deeper level based on the mindset or Moment that they’re in.

Connecting in the Moment: A Guide to key media ‘Moments’ and how advertisers can use them”, is now available to download from here.

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