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Rakuten Advertising & Redbrain CSS

Unlocking Google Shopping to drive performance through the Affiliate Channel.

The Results

Optimising the power of Google & Bing Shopping, Rakuten Advertising and Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) and tech partner Redbrain have created seamless shopping experiences and grown performance for European brands.  Together, in 2023, Rakuten Advertising and Rebrain achieved:  




YoY Sales growth


YoY Order growth


online retailers working with Redbrain 

About the Brand

As a Google Comparison Shopping Services Premium Partner and technology company, Redbrain enhances brand visibility on Google and Bing product carousels. Redbrain is committed to helping every retailer excel in e-commerce by ensuring higher ROI and lower cost per sale.

Over the past decade, Redbrain has built an exceptional team of performance marketing experts and data-driven technology, establishing itself as Europe’s leading Online Shopping Performance Partner.

As a performance-based partner, Redbrain is driven to continually enhance retailer campaigns and maximise revenue at the most effective rate.

The Story

Partners since 2017, Rakuten Advertising and Redbrain have been helping brands across the UK and Europe promote their products and services by tapping into Google Shopping and Microsoft Ads placements.

In early 2023, Redbrain modernised its commission structure by introducing baseline CPA rates per advertiser sector, making it more straightforward for brands to partner with them and adjust rates where needed. The higher the bids Redbrain could win, the higher impression share on product carousels they would win on behalf of their brands, resulting in more clicks and sales. The Rakuten Advertising team worked with the Redbrain Customer Success team to educate brands on this change and negotiate competitive CPA rates. This resulted in Redbrain gaining additional data from Google auctions, allowing them to optimise new and existing campaigns more effectively.

The proactive approach and education of the industry helped Redbrain sustain strong Year-on-Year growth in performance.

The Rakuten Advertising Solution

Educating the industry

Rakuten Advertising and Redbrain have joined forces to educate the industry on the benefits of CCS partners through in-office spotlights and webinars highlighting best practices, strategies and insights to improve campaign effectiveness and grow the affiliate channel

A data-first approach

Rebrain tapped into Rakuten Advertising’s leading reporting suit to gain access to valuable insights and trends that are used to optimise campaign performance

Powerful technology

Not only does Redbrain rely on Rakuten Advertising’s robust tracking solution, but they tap into the product feeds, providing faster feed processing and access to feeds compliant with the Google Shopping format

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