Rakuten Card Linked Offer Network (RCLON®)

One gateway. Multiple publishers. More sales.

Who we are

Rakuten Card Linked Offer Network (RCLON®) powers the card-linked offer programs for leading financial services companies, mobile app providers and loyalty rewards programs, providing merchants with a scalable pay-for-performance channel that efficiently drives traffic and sales In-Store and Online.

We combine market leaders like Rakuten Rewards and Amex Offers with our flexible and sophisticated campaigns to deliver against your customer acquisition, sales growth and ROAS goals – all through one strategic partnership.

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How it works

What makes us different


Only card-linked offer platform with significant direct-to-consumer scale, reaching 200M cardholders through our publishers.


Intentional action behind every payout. Stop paying for passive sales and drive incremental value instead.


No technical integration, point-of-sale system changes, or barcode to scan. We manage all store onboarding, offer management, and payment network data capture.


Monthly reports include detailed transaction level and location-based views. We dedupe purchases across all our publishers, so you only pay for each transaction once.

How we perform

In-Store CLO doubled sales

A large regional grocery chain delivered 2.5X sales growth at a ROAS of $18 when launching an In-Store CLO offer to complement its Online Affiliate offering on Rakuten.com.

Amex Offers drives online growth

A national single-brand technology company launched Amex Online CLO and instantly doubled the sales volume they were driving through their Rakuten partnership (previously just Rakuten.com Online Affiliate).

CLO drives incremental value

A national children’s retailer wanted to determine if an In-Store offer drove additional value for their business. Through a test and control study, we demonstrated that the presence of an In-Store offer drove:

  • 10X more sales
  • +51% higher AOV
  • 85% of total buyers

Our clients

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