Afterpay & Luxury Beauty Brand

About the Brand

Afterpay is a Buy-Now-Pay-Later financial platform that empowers customers to access the things they want and need, while still allowing them to maintain financial wellness and control. The platform works by splitting payments into four, for both online and in-store purchases. 


The luxury beauty brand already had a successful affiliate program but wanted to expand further with innovative partners and collaborations to reach new customers and audiences.  

Their goals were to:

  • Increase their share of net new customers by 50%
  • Exceed set incremental sales goals by at least 75%
  • Find a new publisher partner that could continue to provide value 


The luxury beauty team knew the importance of brand-to-brand partnership so partnering with Afterpay was the perfect opportunity to achieve their goal of reaching a new audience.  The partnership looked to: 

  1. Educate prospects on how to use the luxury beauty products within and beyond the best-selling products 
  2. Deliver high-quality experience for Afterpay members that would target consumers already interested in luxury beauty 
  3. Ensure that at least 50% of sales were made by new customers 


The partnership far exceeded expectations for both the luxury beauty brand and Afterpay, they both benefitted immensely and exceeded their goals.


Incremental Sales Goal Exceeded by +182%


Over 50% of Sales were Net New Customers


Afterpay has become the number 3 partner by revenue for the beauty brand

Our Expertise

By leveraging Rakuten Advertising’s 25+ years of expertise, brands can find the perfect publishers and create partnerships that outperform traditional brandto
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