mac of all trades

Finding new avenues for multi-channel success

The Rakuten Advertising staff I’ve worked with has been perfect. The creation of strategies around multiple channels and being on the forefront of testing has exceeded expectations. Rakuten respected our needs while also pushing the boundaries compared to the competition.
Amato Cole
Head of Marketing


Increased Overall Revenue


Increased Display Revenue


Increase in Impressions


Increase in Clicks


Mac of all trades strives to bring products to market at a low price but with a high level of customer service wherever customers need it. Mac of all trades was conducting baseline campaigns, and needed a more strategic and innovative approach.

To keep on growing, the team knew they would need to modernize and reinvent their multi-channel approach. There were many untapped paid media, social opportunities, and optimization insights that would improve ROI.


Rakuten Advertising completed a digital audit of existing channels and implemented the following strategies:

  1. A cohesive multi-channel blueprint to accelerate growth.
  2. An easily maintained and sustainable data collection and analysis game plan.
  3. Individualized methods to test and learn from existing campaign data.


Together we were able to drive the following results:

Return on Ad Spend

ROAS has increased substantially to an 8 to 1 ratio.


Social prospecting has increased revenue by 129%.


Display revenue has increased by 63% YoY.

Impressions & Clicks

A 121% increase in impressions and a 304% increase in clicks.

Connected TV (CTV)

Together, we continued to strive to find new marketing avenues that would outperform the competition such as testing CTV. The test-and-learn campaign resulted in a higher share of audience and ROI was 109% higher, far exceeding set existing expectations.


Why Rakuten Advertising?


Rakuten built a successful relationship with mac of all trades through a single point of contact that was both their account manager and campaign strategist. Rakuten learned about mac of all trades’ individual needs through one-on-one conversations, developed an in-depth understanding of their business, and structured individualized strategies inclusive of new ideas.


We outperformed expected results for mac of all trades, drawing on years of experience in multi-channel campaigns and testing new strategies from our industry experts in affiliate, media, display, search, and social.

Multi-channel Execution

Mac of all trades could develop new channels, deliver better coordination across channels, run more targeted campaigns with better audience profiles, and optimize multi-channel campaigns through a deeper understanding of the customer.

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