Case Studies


Boosting Amazon ROAS through partnership


The utilization of Skai's Portfolio and Budget Navigator tool enabled our team to focus on high-level strategy and optimization for TASCHEN, leading to an improvement in performance overall. Month over month, TASCHEN’s performance continued to grow. These were the results of our partnership:


Increase in ROAS


Increase in Revenue


Decrease in Ad Spend

About the Brands

TASCHEN is a leading art-book publisher known for its dazzling and audacious world of eye-catching coffee table books.

Skai is a full go-to-market engine that enables smarter decisions and better outcomes with actionable intelligence in making customer connections. They specialize in data-driven products for market intelligence, omnichannel media activation, testing, and measurement.

The Story

Through our partnership with Skai, we sought to provide TASCHEN with increased revenue and ROAS while decreasing overall ad spend. Our goal was to streamline and optimize the data processing of TASCHEN’s many campaigns across markets.

The Rakuten Advertising Solution

While working with TASCHEN, we noticed an opportunity to optimize our Amazon Ad campaign strategy. We pulled in our partner Skai who suggested we try their Portfolio and Budget Management tool to streamline and automate our processes. This tool allowed us to explore TASCHEN’s Amazon Ad Campaigns through a new lens, leading to optimization and control over monthly budgets and spend goals.

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