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Paid Search Marketing

For Performance Solutions

Reach Consumers Throughout Their Journey

Move and motivate consumers through their shopping journey with relevant ads and a search strategy that connects across devices and platforms, from YouTube to Shopping Ads. Your dedicated search account team will develop, execute and automate your strategy to focus on analysis and testing. Our expert team is available to help you get the most from our data, advanced bidding algorithms and attribution to elevate user insights.

Working together and always optimizing, we can meet or exceed your performance goals, focus on a growing search marketing funnel and drive incremental revenue growth.

Premier Partnerships With Google & Bing Ads


Through our premier partnerships with Google and Bing Ads, we bring industry insights and unique opportunities to our clients.

Our team of industry experts will develop a tailored search program to reach new audiences and leverage customized audience segmentation to re-engage those who’ve interacted with your brand across screens and platforms.

Together we will integrate your company’s overall goals to create the optimal campaign mix around brand, generic and dynamic keyword strategy.

Shopping Ads

Engage consumers as they shop across platforms – Google Shopping, Bing, Pinterest and others – with shopping ads. Integrate upper-funnel shopping tactics with Showcase Shopping campaigns and heighten automation with Smart Shopping campaigns.

We utilize our Product Feed Optimization to increase product clicks and enable strategic product segmentation for improved performance.

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Discovery Campaigns

Find new ways to inspire customers as they browse across Google feeds and properties. Our team delivers expertise in targeting key audiences, leveraging rich creative assets, and applying the right budget to tailor this campaign strategy for your business.

Connect the user journey based on their interests, daily activities, and intent-driven searches, with full insights on audience engagement.



Connect the different touchpoints to deliver a full-funnel approach, inclusive of YouTube management. Allow our team to create the appropriate strategy for this consumer base and support with creative edits and animation.

Rakuten Advertising can find the right YouTube solution for you, from action-driven campaigns to discovery tactics to user views for remarketing.

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The Rakuten Advertising Search Difference

Audience and product data, along with full audience segmentation, fuel your strategy optimization.

Search Audit Reveals Increased Revenue Opportunities

Let our team of search experts conduct an audit that includes analyzing your current search, shopping and upper-funnel strategies. The audit will identify lost market share and associated revenue, opportunities to improve efficiency, missed cross-channel optimization between all campaign types and poor account structure that results in increased costs.

*$40,000 monthly minimum applies.


Notable Paid Search Partnerships