Advertising in Economic Uncertainty: The Role of AVOD

Learn Why AVOD Is Key for Advertising in Economic Uncertainty

Economic uncertainty and the cost-of-living crisis are impacting people across the globe, and having a knock-on effect in the media industry. In a recent study by Digiday, agencies although cautiously optimistic about budgets for 2023, all agreed that flexibility will be key. CTV advertising allows agencies a lot more flexibility in spend than traditional TV, this agility combined with a growing audience makes it a key channel for the uncertainty we find ourselves in.

As we head into 2023 Rakuten Advertising has taken a look at consumer streaming behaviour across Europe. Download the report now to learn how combining the agility of CTV advertising with the growing audience on AVOD will help agencies and brands outthink and outperform in 2023 and beyond.

Advertising in Economic Uncertainty: The Role of AVOD

AVOD is a key part of the media mix; exclusion from the media plan isn’t an option when over a third (36%) of viewers are watching content exclusively through this channel. Read our new report to learn about the latest trends in streaming behaviour across Europe and find out what agencies need to know about engaging with the growing AVOD audience.