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Unlock Social’s True Potential

Social media inventory is prime for engaging fans and finding new, ideal customers. Robust algorithms and data deliver better experiences through increasingly relevant ads. Rely on us as your trusted partner to make the most of this premium space.

The Preferred Partner

As an official Facebook Marketing Partner, we have access to unique benefits and values that flow directly to our clients and their campaigns – including API access to new products and beta strategies. Plus, our in-house social experts provide full campaign management – from creative best practices to advanced campaign optimisation and deep analytics.

Social Solutions for Every Objective

Whether it’s awareness, likes or conversions you’re after, we’ll work with you to create the best strategies for your goals. Many variables go into the Facebook algorithm, and there are endless ways to build and target your audiences. Our specialists have years of training and experience to ensure the right decisions are made on your behalf.

Prospecting With Proprietary Data

Rakuten Intelligence consumer data is captured through e-commerce sales, shipment receipts and historical anonymised purchase data, all from a panel of more than 1 million shoppers across America. For brands looking to expand in the U.S. market, this proprietary audience data can find new, unexpected audiences across social media.

Lookalike audiences are built from valuable shopping and behavioural data, and each segment is served highly relevant ads for improved experiences. These proprietary lookalikes even outperform client CRM lookalikes at 49% increase in conversion rate, 6% new audiences and 37% higher return on ad spend.


Social Prospecting Success Story

Camp Chef & Rakuten Intelligence: Proprietary Data for Prospecting Success


Camp Chef is an industry-leading manufacturer of outdoor cooking equipment. In April 2020, the company set their sights on reaching and converting new audiences on social media platforms.

Rakuten Advertising created scale and discovered relevant audiences by using Rakuten Intelligence’s proprietary purchase data. Our optimisation experts built seed audiences that targeted consumers who look very similar to Camp Chef’s profile customer based on past purchases and other consumer behaviours, leading to impressive campaign results.

  • 75% more purchases using Rakuten Intelligence data compared to only pixel data