Rakuten In Store Network

Card-Linked Offers

Consumer Offers That Deliver Merchant Sales

Rakuten In Store Network offers merchants a scalable pay-for-performance channel that efficiently drives traffic and sales in brick-and-mortar stores and online platforms. We power the card-linked offer programs for leading financial services companies, mobile wallet providers and rewards programs. We reach over 130M highly engaged shoppers who earn more of the miles, points and cashback they love by shopping at more than 100 national merchant brands. Sign up to see why Rakuten In Store Network is the most rewarding card-linked offer platform.

For Advertisers & Brands

Reach over 130M consumers through leading publisher partners like Google Pay, Rakuten Rewards, and Mastercard. Build campaigns that deliver against your ROAS goals and receive full performance transparency via transaction-level reporting, including location-level reporting for in-store sales. It’s fast and easy to get started – no point of sale or other technical integration required!

For Publishers

Get access to national retail and dining offers at more than 40,000 locations. We provide best-in-class card-linked technology to power offers from the brands that your consumers know and love, enabling you to provide compelling rewards. Our flexible API-based platform allows you to reward and engage your consumers in a way that meets your business needs.

How It Works

Our network allows merchants to develop offers that meet their business goals. Those merchant offers are then made available through our industry-leading publisher partnerships. After consumers link their payment card(s) to merchant offers on those publishers, our network uses transaction data to validate purchases made at participating merchant locations. Merchants get the sales they need, and publishers get valuable content to engage their consumers.

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Privacy and Security

Explicit consent at the time of consumer enrollment in publisher programs, with a quick and easy unenrollment process. Anonymized transaction data to protect consumers. We comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI/DSS) to ensure data is safe and secure.