Influencer Marketing: Global Survey Report

A global study of the current state of influencer marketing to help you get to grips with the growing role of influencers in brand and product marketing

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Influencer marketing is here to stay

Influencers are arguably one of the most contentious phenomena of our digital marketing times. Love them or hate them, our global survey report indicates that influencer marketing is not going anywhere any time soon.

Based on responses from over 700 marketing professionals in consumer-facing brands and 3,500 consumers internationally, our research has uncovered that brands are ready to invest more with influencers while consumers value their authenticity and true brand advocacy.

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  1. The most popular influencer types for customers to follow and where they find them
  2. The social platforms where influencers are followed and the content followers prefer
  3. How consumers discover brands through influencers and shop through them
  4. What content is shared by customers and why and how they share it
  5. The rising power of international influencers and the implications for marketers
  6. The considerations consumers make when interacting with sponsored content

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