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Bringing Authentic Connections To The Digital World.

By combining our artificial intelligence and comprehensive Data, we help you tune in to an audience that might have tuned out. With our intelligent campaigns, consumers don’t feel like you found them, they feel like they found you, enabling you to build an authentic relationship from the first interaction.

Marketers Need a Smarter Way to Find New Customers

Brands need customers who will drive the most growth for their business through brand loyalty and repeat purchases. Rakuten Advertising helps marketers uncover these customers through our unique Prospecting product.

Real-World Results from Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising & PacSun

73% Average New Customer Rate

Looking to cut through the noise of other apparel ads, PacSun needed new audiences to boost website traffic and sales. These couldn’t be just any new audiences; they needed to be audiences that would become loyal customers.

To discover these audiences, PacSun tested a prospecting campaign using comprehensive first-, second- and third-party data with exclusive data from the Rakuten ecosystem settling in as their second-party source. Compared to a control group, this campaign returned:

  • 73% average new customer rate.
  • 321% higher return on ad spend.
  • 260% higher conversion rate.
  • 72% lower cost per acquisition.

“Rakuten Advertising technology and data has helped us reach new acquisition strategies that have grown our percentage of new customers every month.” – Eugene Lai, Director of Digital Marketing, PacSun