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  • Using AI technologies, digital marketers are overcoming intractable issues such as online fraud and disengaged consumer audiences, all the while improving business performance.
  • AI enables continuous learning,  allowing marketers to re-tune messaging according to customers’ most recent digital behavior and ever-changing preferences.
  • AI will increasingly automate most lower-level marketing tasks, affording marketing professionals more time and energy to work on creative content and strategy.

We’ve Teamed up With Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to Explore the Cutting-edge Ways Marketers Are Using AI to Deliver Experiences People Love

You’ve heard a lot about the AI revolution, and its enormous potential to redefine digital marketing. This plays out against a backdrop of consumer discontent, online fraud, one-size-fits-all metrics that don’t align with business objectives, and a host of other problems that have plagued the digital customer experience.

Now, this Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report demonstrates real-world applications of AI, showing how it is helping digital marketers overcome these challenges, to deliver experiences people love.


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